4 Best Natural Home Remedy To Remove Dark Circles Under Eyes

How to Remove Dark Circles Under Eyes?

 Home Remedy To Remove Dark Circles Under Eyes

Dark circles under eyes are a widespread problem now a day. Under eyes, these circles not only affect beauty, but it’s also impact on your health. So, don’t take easy if you have this problem. To solve this problem first, we need to know the reason for this issue. If you know the reason for this problem, you will diagnose it very quickly. The first step to cure this point know the cause of black circles under eyes, then take any action about it.

How to Remove Dark Circles Under Eyes?
How to Remove Dark Circles Under Eyes?

Cause of Dark Circles Under Your Eyes?


Diet plays the significant role in our life. Proper nutrition was necessary for everyone. Right diet plan helps you to improve your health and natural beauty. Right diet takes it at the right time are both critical. If you eat perfect food but you not take in time .it disturbed your stomach all process and effect on health, indirectly also effect on your organic beauty. To solve this issue, you need to plan your diet according to your weight and height and take it in time regularly.

Inability to sleep:

Second main factor that effects on eyes beauty are sleep. According to Dr. Larry, every person must sleep at least 6 hours at night and maximum 8 hours, otherwise it’s also harm your healthy life. Everything in excess and less both are dangerous for health. So be caring about your sleep. Sleep in time and get in time.

Lack of Drinking water intake:

Without water, life is not possible because all the chemical process in our body done in the presence of water. Lack of water slows done or stop the process in our body. Many toxic agents are stored in our body regularly, to flash out these toxin chemicals in our water is essential. If we do not drink water according to our body, these toxic matters will be remaining store in our body and effect on our eyes, skin and complete health genuinely. So, you must drink water 10-15 gales in a day.

Release Stress:

Stress is also the major problem in our life. More extended time stress will cause a significant effect on your brain. As you know mind control all process and works that do in our body. The brain also deals happiness, emotion, and tension. So, release your stress by diverting your mind in other activity and get a healthful life. So, you should remain to be HAPPY. Keep Smile.

How To release Stress?
How To release Stress?

Spending More Time on Laptop and Mobile:

As you know, we live in the technology world, and more than 20 hours we connected with mobile and another device. More use of mobile and laptop effect on the eyes vision and cause stress. So, avoiding more using of a laptop. Rub your eyes one and half hours after using these technologies to maintain blood circulation.

Blood Level in the body:

Maintain your blood level according to your age and weight. Low blood level will cause weakness and swallow in your eyes. So, check your hemoglobin level, if it’s not according to your requirement so check up to doctor. Otherwise its normal so don’t need to worry about it.

How to remove dark circles under eyes?

Best Natural Solution for It:

According to caring tip expert use of Artificial median, cream and tablet are not suitable for eyes health. Use an only natural method to recover it. If you are facing too much problem, then checks any expert eye doctor and apply these natural dark circles removing tips.

 Massage your Eyes:

Make a mixture of almonds and coconut oil and apply under eyes smoothly, before going bed at night. Do it daily until black circle remove. It’s entirely natural and have no side effect.

A best Natural mixture of following:

Take fresh coconut, juice of lemon 4 to 6 drop, mash cucumber and any cream that you use regularly. Mix these all ingredient and make homogenize mixture of all these.


How to apply this mixture?

First, you lay down and relax, apply this under eye carefully, leave it for 30 mins. Do this for two weeks.

The mixture of lemon and Tomato:

Mix tomato with lemon juice. Lemon is the source of vitamin C and tomato also. Vitamin C control good for skin care. Now apply this mixture to the dark circles area gently.


According to my experience Morning walk is the best natural way to maintain your eyes health. It increases the eyes vision and care your skin. So, do walk every day for 10 Mints in the fresh air.

Why Walk is important?

When you start to walk, your whole-body pores will open, and fresh air with oxygen will enter your pores. This fresh air good for your skin health and eyes. Its help to remove the dead cell from the eyes skin and create new cells.

Why Running is important?
Why Running is important?

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