5 Ways to Get Naturally Pink Lips at Home 100% Result

Pink Lips

Naturally Pink Lips at Home 100% Result

You can enhance your natural beauty by improving or attractive with beautiful smile. A beautiful smile touch everyone heart. Lips also play a vital role in smile. Pink lips always nominate your natural smile in party, function, college function and family function.

Moreover, those people have dark lips color they feel guilty because they know dark lips effect on his or her personality. So, he doesn’t need to worry about it. I will tell you how to get natural pink lips within week. How dark lips change into dark lips with homemade remedy?

Pink Lips
Pink Lips

There are many causes of dark lips, Dark lips accrued due to work in high temperature environment, direct falling of sun rays on face, abnormal blood circulation in the body, tension, more use of makeup products, too much smoking, long term illness, using narcotic median, changes in weather condition suddenly and less use of drinking water in your daily routine. As you know water in important for body chemical process and low water concentration of water in the body drying your lips and causes crack and change lips color badly.

Homemade Remedies for Pink Lips

Cucumber Juice:

  • The most important method to change dark lips to pink lips is use of cucumber juice.
  • Take a fresh cucumber and uncover it with Sharpe knife,
  • Now cut into slice and start rubbing on your lips,
  • Rub it until it emits juice,
  • Do these four to five mints time in a day,
  • This method helps you perfect pink lips within a Week.

Mixture of Turmeric Powder and Milk:

  • Moreover, best and perfect way to change black lips into pink juice hot lips is turmeric power plus milk.
  • Take both product and make a homogenized mix of it,
  • Now apply this mixture on your lips before going bed at night,
  • Do this for a week and get 100% result.

100% Natural Pink Lips Homemade remedy (Honey + Almond Oil + sugar)

  • Take pure bee honey, sugar and almonds oil,
  • Mix it gently and make completely homogenized mixture,
  • Now apply this mixture on your lips carefully with finger,
  • Washout your hand before applying,
  • Start messaging on your lips for 10 mints,
  • Do this trick daily,
  • It completely natural and perfect beauty tips for to make pink lips.



I already discuses about water importance in our life and body. Drink maximum water daily,

  • Water keep wet your lips and stop the process of cracking,
  • Cracking is a big reason of change of lips color,
  • Drink 10 to 15 glass of water in winter season and 20 to 25 of water in summer season on daily basic.
  • Water also make your lips more juicy and hot.
  • Only drink filtered water otherwise you got many stomach problem and effect on your face and skin beauty.

Pomegranate Seeds:

  • Use pomegranate seed to remove black color of lips.
  • Take pomegranate seed and milk cream,
  • Now mash up both and make a homogenize mixture,
  • Now apply this mixture on your lips daily two-time morning and night when you bed for sleep,
  • After one week you will get your desired result,
  • It also has no side effect,
  • 100% organic way to get pink’s hot lips
Pomegranate Seeds
Pomegranate Seeds


Remove Makeup

  • The biggest reason of black lips ids makeup. Most of the women not remove makeup before sleeping.
  • All makeup product contains many chemical product,
  • Long term application of makeup product damage your lips skin and dark your lips,
  • So, don’t forget removing makeup before sleeping.
  • Reduce the makeup on your lips and face only use natural and useful for natural beauty.

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