Best Lips Care Tips: How to Care Lips Naturally?

Red Lips

How to take care lips Naturally?

Lips Care Tips

Never ignore Lips. Beautiful Lips is one of the important factors that effect on the beauty. If you do a lot of makeup, but lips were not hot and attractive. It will be spoiling you all effort. Make your lips more beautiful by giving shape and color. Everyone like juice and sexy pink lips with a good-looking shape. Caring tip makeup artist finds out all lips related problem and shares with you its solution. They will tell you how to make your lips more attractive and hot?

Red Lips
Red Lips

How you get perfect lips?

Follow the 5 top lips caring tips:

Use more Water:

Water is a most important element of life. It also necessary for lips caring. Dryness of lips will cause serious damage to your lips. Use maximum water daily, drink 10 to 15 glass of water daily. Whenever you go out, you must carry a bottle of water with you.

Lips wetness:

To keep your lips wet use any moisture applying products like almonds oil, lip lotion, Chapstick and oil of coconut. You can also apply Vaseline on your lips; it gets from a natural source. Use any moisture product that contains of vitamin E. Its also keep your lips wet and soft.

Apply Exfoliate:

Lips Exfoliate (use to remove dead skin) Apply to cute lips. It’s appropriate solution to cure carked skin and dead skin. Use it regularly until its removed. Exfoliate lip moisture contain fruited acid and base mixture its get from natural sources.

Avoid direct sunlight:

Protect your lips from high sun rays. Direct sunlight dried your lips and cracked it. So, when you go outside must apply moisture product that keeps your lips wet.

Stay Away from dust:

Protect yourself from dust. Dust make your lips blacker. When you came from outside washout, you face and lips with fresh water. Freshwater remove dirt from your lips. Dust always cause acute infection, so stay away from dust.


There are two types of lipstick available on the market. One was extremely drying and other chapped.Drying lipstick used in mostly in the winter season and extremely chapped in spring. So, choose your lipstick according to your lips and season carefully.


Natural treatments to cure black lips:

Beeswax uses:

Beeswax is an organic source to cure black and cracked lips. They heal and sooth the lips fast. It’s not only moisture your lips it also removes the black and dark color of your lips. Use it regularly.


Lemon belongs to a citrus family. Its also source of vitamin C. Vitamin C is good for skin care. Lemon juice is a natural source that removes darkness from your lips.


Apply Oliva Oil On your lips for two and get 100% result. Oliva pickle was also good for skin.

Is Lipstick good for Lips?

Many people ask about lipstick is good for lips. Caring tip expert says some how its good but frequently use of lipstick will change your lips color permanently. You just use it on the special occasion like party, function, outing, and weeding, etc. In normal life only use the homemade product like honey (get from honey bees), Lime juice (lemon is a natural source of this extract), Beet (sugar beet), glycerin ( get from natural fatty acid)  and olive. It does not affect your skin color. Keep your skin all the time. The best time to apply this at night before sleeping.

Home Remedy for lips care:

  1. Take lemon juice, glycerin, and lime.
  2. Mix it and make a homogenized mixture of it.
  3. Now apply it week finger to your lips gently.
  4. Do this practice for one week.
  5. It’s natural product.
  6. It does not only cure your lips, but it also gives a shiny look on your hot lips and enhances your beauty.
Lemon juice for Lips
Lemon juice for Lips

How to get pink Lips naturally?

As you know everyone like pink lips. So, every girls and boy want pink lips to get more attention. Just apply the lime juice to your lips regular before going bed. A cover of lime juice cure you lip and permanently change your lips color.

Tips for Hot Lips
Tips for Hot Lips

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