Best And Perfect Skin care Routine to Maintain Your Natural Beauty

Skin care Routine

Perfect Skin care Routine For Natural Beauty

Everyone want perfect and best natural skin, you can maintain your natural beauty, you want looks better. First know about your skin nature than treated him with natural way. No need to go away, you can do this in your home regularly. Its very easy, cheap and effective way to maintain skin. Let’s know how you can get perfect skin care routine.

First Most Important Thing To Maintain Natural Skin

To Know About Skin Type


Normal Type Skin:

its look clean, fair, Adjustable every environment and not more sensitive.

Sensitive type of skin:

May got injury, wounds when you apply any makeup products in small quantity.

Oily Type Skin:

wet skin surface with oil and give a shiny, oleaginous look, Pores size bigger than normal skin.

Dry skin:

It give rough look to your skin, crack, look dull.

Dry and Oily Both Skin type:

May give dry look on some part of face and oily another part of body like nose and forehead.

Best Skin Care Routine for Normal Skin:

Don’t worried about your normal skin types, you just wash your face with any soap and take shower. You don’t have to need purchase expensive beauty products for natural skin. Just you need to best skin care product that make your skin smooth and soft. You need to buy any cleaner of good reputing company. Just wash your skin with fresh and normal cool water many time in a day, too hot water burns your skin cells and too cold-water freeze water that present in your skin cell so be careful about it.

Skin Care Tips For Dry Skin Type:

If you have Dry type skin, so don’t use cleaner that contain alcoholic. Alcohol dry your skin more when you apply on your face. You need to wash your skin with normal water not hot water. Hot water buran you face skin and remove natural oil from your face. Use any exfoliating 2 to 3 time in week that help you to remove crack from natural skin. Use this skin care tips in daily routine they will help you to make your skin clean.


How to maintain oily skin in daily routine?

If you have too much oil on your skin surface, don’t need to be worried about it. I am telling you very simple tricks to get oil free skin naturally. Take normal heated water and washed your face gently, now apply toner on face, may it have irritated you for few mints. This way you can remove oil and keep you skin neat and clean.

Sensitive Skin:

Is your skin sensitive? If yes, so don’t tens about it. Just wash your skin with fresh water gently, don’t rub it because it gets dry. Don’t apply soap and cleaner that contain acid, fragrance and alcohol ingredient. Use cleaner that contain natural ingredient like aloe Vera, green tea and oats. These ingredients are best natural skin care in nature.

Prevention Measurements to maintain skin beauty in skin care routine:

Use Sunscreen:

Your Cleaner may be already containing sunscreen. Its good for your natural beauty, but if not contain with it you can buy it separately. Sun in natural source of light and Vitamin D, Normal sun rays are good for skin and your bones, but its high UV rays will damage your skin, cause cracking and make your skin dull. When you out during hot season must apply skin sunscreen daily.

Remove Makeup at Night:

Every woman wear makeup in daily routine especially when they ready to go party, function, anniversary or any family function to look more beautiful. When they come back at home they got too much tired, so they just go in bedroom and sleep. If you want to maintain your natural skin beauty you must wash out your makeup before going for sleep, because makeup powder will close your face skin pores and cause acne and wrinkle.

Makeup Selection:

If you like you do makeup, it’s very important for you to select correct and noncarcinogenic (Carcinogenic mean cancer-causing agent) product. Carcinogenic agent will cause acne problem. Select your product that is water based oiled based. Must check expiry date of product before buying. Do this for all product especially eyes makeup product.

Aloe Vera
Aloe Vera

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