Must Know About Different Eye Shapes To Applying Perfect Makeup

Different Eye Shapes

Different Eye Shapes For Perfect Eye Makeup

We all are beautiful, but everyone has different eye shapes, face, skin, hair, nose and lips. Each person has different face looks, so its need different makeup looks to make more beautiful. Therefore, everyone need to learn about himself. If everyone knows about own face, skin types, hair nature, lips shapes and eyes, this information help him to get perfect eye shape and help in applying perfect makeup. Most people not know about eyes shapes, so they cannot get perfect look as they want. Caring tip expert tell you about your eyes shapes and told you which makeup look make you more pretty.

Different Eye Shapes

Different Eye Shapes
Different Eye Shapes

Round Eyes

  • Those women have round eyes, they should use eyes line from the inner region of the eye and make the edges of the both line straight or like cat eyes. However, which you want.
  • Most important thing which you must do, highlight the inner corner of eyebrow with eyeshadow.
  • Now apply eyeshadow of light shades upper side of lid gently to get perfect contrast.
  • Close with using dark shades of eye shadows smoothly along the crease.
  • At the end must check all the shades are blends properly.
Round Eyes
Round Eyes

Close Set Eyes

  • Those who have close set eyes shape,
  • They with start eyes makeup with highlighting the beneath the eyebrow and inner lid.
  • After done, now apply medium shades shadow on the lid of complete eyes,
  • Now apply dark color shadow on the outside of the lid and top of crease,
  • Use eyeliner between the lid and move toward outside softly.
Close Set Eyes
Close Set Eyes

Almond Shaped Eyes

  • If someone have almond eyes shape, so you one of the lucky person.
  • Almond eye types are symmetrical of all eyes shapes.
  • That mean you cannot need to do more effort in getting symmetry on the natural eyes shape,
  • The main purpose of eyes makeup to getting symmetry eye, so are already have this.
  • So, don’t need to worry about your eye makeup you already have awesome and perfect eye shape as you want.
Almond Eye Shape
Almond Eye Shape

Wide Set Eyes

Wide set eyes Women will never worry about her eye makeup because this eyes shapes are extremely make your work easy.

  • You need just focused on a few important key points to make your eyes more beautiful more.
  • First key point was you should shape your nose to add more space in between the eyes.
  • Second must avoid shimmery eye-shadow because this highlight the space between eye,
  • Third one is applying darker color eye-shadow in the inside corner of the eye, that help you to remove the eye space,
  • Fourth and last important thing, enlarge your brows at the inside corners, that give a narrow look to your wide set eyes.

Deep Set Eyes 

  • Use same makeup tips of round eye for deep set eyes, to get pretty look and cat eye shapes. However, for this deep shape eyes, you just apply dark eyeshadow.
  • Apply it on eyes gently and lightly to to brighten up your eyes and create rounder eyes look.

Prominent Eyes / Protruding Eyes

  • For Applying makeup on Prominent Eyes, you need to get perfect markup skill, because you don’t too bright the eyes.
  • Therefore, the most important point for protruding eyes is minimal use of makeup.
  • You Just apply an undraped eyeshadow on lid to cover out the redness.
  • Always take and use a matte shadow over a shimmer,
  • For the eyeliner apply eyeliner on the base of lash line to maintain eruption from the eyes.
  • You can also use eye pencil along the waterline.
Eye Shapes
Eye Shapes

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