How to Get Perfect Makeup looks Every Day, By Caring Tip Expert

 Get Perfect Makeup looks Tips

Everyone love Makeup, everyone wants perfect, easy, and latest makeup looks daily. But all of us don’t know how to get perfect makeup looks, someone chooses the wrong combination, foundation and makeup palette, the most important thing for everyone they know about the right combination of color, blends and makeup foundation to get amazing look every day. They also get proper knowledge about makeup brush, types of brushes and how to use makeup brushes. Caring Tip expert tell you each and everything which you need get ideal makeup looks. These ideas help both beginner and expert.

Eyes Makeup
Eyes Makeup

Makeup for Eyes:

Girls look beautiful when they apply an extensive range of shades on their eyes, there are many types of shades available in the market but shades like brown, peach and gold perfect for every girl. First, you Apply foundation on it stay and apply shades on eyes palette. Now lightly use shimmer on the inner corner of eyes, shimmer give your eyes natural look and make it more attractive.

Makeup for Dark eyes:

Dark eyes clearly are lovely, a vast range of shades are available for darkish eyes and apply that around with on your makeup palette. deeper shades frequently work better against these dark, navy blues, dark veggies, blacks, browns, or also darkish greys eyes color. Everyone notice your face and eyes, so choose correct brush and blend. incorrect selection of makeup brush and blend give you bad look.

Makeup Look for Green Color Eyes:

Green color eyes always look terrific with purple and lilac shades, plums, and pinks also dominant work on green eyes. a light shimmer on the eyelid is all it takes to enliven those quiet green eyes, and one thing that women often overlook is that brief slick of coloration under the lower lash line too. this can conceal a mess of sins.


You can also enhance your eyes natural beauty by using a soft, smooth eyeliner. Eyeliner showing your eyes more prominent. You can apply it along the lower waterline, white eyelids brighten up your eyes and make show you less tired as you want.

Eyes Liner
Eyes Liner

Makeup Ideas to Get Pink, Red Juicy Lips Step by Step:

Use primer on your lips:

First, apply primer on lips, primer help you to keep your lipstick more stick. you can Apply primer with a tissue, sponge, finger, or primer pencil.

Line up your lips with a lip liner:

Use bold colors lip liner because it keeps your lipstick from smearing outside. It’s not necessary when you’re applying pink shade but use for red shade because it will give dirty look without lips liner. Choose liner color according to the color of the lipstick.

Red lipstick:

Apply carefully red lipstick around your lips, gently blend lipstick and lips liner with each other. Red Lips always look mind blowing , many girls are conscious about her red juicy lips.

Red Lips
Red Lips

Pink Lips:

Every girls dream about natural pink lips. Pink Hot lips attract everyone and also effect on natural beauty. you can get simply by applying lips balm to your lips in both weather condition too hot and too cold that keep your lips soft and smooth. Now you apply lip liner after primer, to get light pink lips apply pink lip liner around the lips. Now apply pink lipstick in that way liner and lipstick blend with each other.that give you perfect makeup looks all the time

Pink Lips
Pink Lips

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