Professional Makeup Ideas For Beginner Perfect and Quick

Professional makeup

Perfect and Quick Makeup Ideas For Beginner

Appling on a pretty, good looking face of make up completely an art. Professional makeup tips totally change your look and enhance your natural beauty, make you more beautiful as compare before. If you are a beginner, so you don’t need to worry about makeup because caring tip expert will tell you perfect makeup ideas, you understand these ideas quickly and they help you in application of makeup naturally.

These ideas are perfect for both kind of people who want wear makeup daily and other those who don’t want to apply makeup regularly. We are telling you some helpful tricks and tips. These little bit makeup skills give your face a new look, you get cat like eyes and hot juicy lips with this.

Makeup Ideas
Makeup Ideas

No Makeup Ideas For Beginner:

As you Know all makeup tools and products are very costly. Everyone want good looking face all the time quick and cheap way. Here is very simple tips to get perfect look with cheap way.

Tips for Those Who likes No Makeup:

First tips for those who want natural beauty with no makeup. Get up early in the morning and wash your beautiful face with normal fresh and cool water. This cool water will help you to fresh up your natural skin. Wash your face more than 2 mints. After this now drink one glass of water daily. Now Clean your face with smooth and soft cloth. Gently remove water drop from face. When totally water is remove, apply a good quality foundation, that completely blend with your skin color.

Now apply thin layer of face powder to remove dark circles under eyes and spot from your face. After this immediately apply lips liner around your lips carefully. I suggest you must use lip liner color that match with your lips color. Now apply mascara on lid of your eyes and apply eyeliner in that way they look natural. In this way you can get natural look every daily quickly and Naturally. Within 15 mint you get ready for your office. This tip also saves your precious time.

Makeup ideas for those who like to apply Makeup:

Makeup Tips for Eyes:

  • Eyes always 90 % play role in beauty. How to get perfect eye makeup?
  • Those things which you need for eyes makeup are, primer, foundation, eyes brushes and eyeshadows. The main function of primer is keep the eyeshadows long lasting.
  • First apply primer with your finger tip gently around your eyes.
  • Now apply foundation as a base, foundation color should be match with your skin color,
  • Apply eye shades, there are many types of eye shades, its color and texture.
  • There are four base eyeshades choose any which of them it’s perfect for you,

Basic Eyeshadow

  • Highlighter
  • Matte eyeshadow
  • Contour eyeshadow
  • Matte Black eyeshadows

Now with the help of brush apply eye shades on your eyes,

Apply eyeshadows on eyes corner with the help of brush that have sharp tip gently.

How to Apply Eyeliner?

Second step for perfect eyes makeup is eyeliner. Eyeline make your eyes different and give you a perfect look with few efforts. Easy and best eyes liner Applying tips.

Makeup Ideas For Eyeliner

When you apply eyeliner always start from Middle of the eyes and move towards outside.

 How to Apply Eyeliner?
How to Apply Eyeliner?
  • After applying outside now apply inside carefully and blends with starting point.
  • Leave it for drying for few second,
  • Now take eyes brush and separate your eyes hair gently,
  • After this you will get ready for your work.

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