Tip To Change Dark Lips Into Pink Lips: Natural And Perfect Ideas

Dark Lips

Natural And Perfect Ideas  For Pink Lips

All woman wants hot, soft and pink lips. Pink lips make your smile more attractive. Black and Dark lips are major problem in these day. Everyone want to get rid to dark lip naturally. Dankness of lips complete effect on your natural beauty.

Why Lips Become Dark?

Lips become dark due to many reason, such as excess use of tea, cappuccino, working in dry condition, sun UV rays and ignore lips beauty. There are many article lips products are available in market, but these all product not working all the time. Some time it causes side effect and increase lips darkness. Mostly its not working properly and cracked your lips.so, I suggest only use natural lips caring ideas, that have no side effect and 100% working for you. It’s very, easy, cheap and perfect for your hot lips.

Pink Lips
Pink Lips

Homemade and natural Tips For Dark Lips:

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is natural skin care product. Its contain of a skin care natural compound is called aloesin. It slows down the pigmentation process in the skin, that dark your lips. In this way darkness of lips stop and your dark lips change into pink lips. Aloe Vera also source of many nutrient that help you to get perfect lips.

How to use Aloe Vera to Remove Dark lips?

Take fresh aloe vera, cut it into two pieces with sharp knife and apply its gel on your lips if available, otherwise you can take aloe vera gel from market.

  • Now leave if for few mints,
  • Now it become Dry,
  • washout your lips with fresh water,
  • Do this one time in a day,
  • Apply this trick More than two weeks and get result that you want.
Aloe Vera
Aloe Vera

Sugar Beet Use to change Dark lips into pink lips:

Sugar beet is a natural source of sugar, it’s also contain of antioxidant and vitamin. Its keep your lips beautiful and attractive all the time in your life, if you use it permanently. Antioxidant and vitamin remove crack and make your lips soft and hot.

How to Use Sugar beet to get permanent pink lips?

  • Take a fresh sugar beet and cut in the shape of slice with sharp knife carefully.
  • Wash your lips before applying beet,
  • Now apply beet slice on your lips gently,
  • After 20 mints wash your lips,
  • Do this Regularly,
  • Remaining beet slice store in the refrigerator.

Cucumber Juice:

Cucumber is perfect source of many vitamin, potassium, phosphorus and magnesium. These are all good for your lips skin. They restore your lips natural beauty rapidly and nourishing.

How To Use Cucumber As Juice For Dark And Black Lips?

  • Take a fresh cucumber and remove it outer shell.
  • Now cut it into small pieces.
  • Now put it into grander and make its juice,
  • Store juice into freezer,
  • With the help of cotton ball apply this cool juice on your lips for 10 mints,
  • After ten mints wash your lips with fresh water,
  • Do this one time in a day,
  • After 20 days you will get your Desir results.


Glycerine also know as Glycerol. As you Glycerol is the backbone of all the fatty acids. Fatty acids are important for good health and perfect skin. Glycerine keep your skin wet, soft and remove crack. Its also work sun ray’s blocker, that stop sun rays and maintain your pink juice lips all the time.

How to apply Glycerine on your Lips?

  • Take good company Glycerine,
  • Now apply on your lips with the help of cotton ball before going for sleep,
  • They protect your lips skin both time (day and night).
  • Do this every night.

Use Apple Vinegar For Dark Lips

Apple is good source of vitamin C and many essential nutrients. As you know Vitamin C is good for skin beauty. These vitamins will stop the pigments process and turn your dark lips into red lips.

How to use Apple Vinegar for Dark Lips?

  • Take 1 teaspoon apple vinegar,
  • Mix it with 1 t/spoon of water,
  • Now apply this homogenize mixture on your lips with the help of cotton,
  • After 5-10 mints wash your lips,
  • Do this one time in a day.
Apple Vinegar
Apple Vinegar


Don’t use apple vinegar at night time because they are acids in nature. They crack your lips when you use it at night.

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