Wrinkle Remover For Face One Of The Best Home Remedy

Papaya Face Mask To Remove Wrinkle

Wrinkle Remover For Face Best Tips:

Wrinkle also called slight line or fold on the face. It starts seeming with age. As a result, face skin become start thinner, losing flexibly and unprotected for the surface. Wrinkle destroy your skin and natural beauty. Their two-main cause of wrinkle first environment and secondly genetic effects. Climate plays a vital role in health and beauty, harsh condition the biggest reason for early aging. Secondly genetical, gene plays the significant role in finding your skin structure. So, first see the reason for your disease and start solution. Before starting hard treatment, you must try the homemade remedy Wrinkle Remover for Face. If you don’t get a positive result, then you must check up any dermatologist.

Wrinkle Remover For Face
Wrinkle Remover For Face

Home Remedy to remove wrinkle from face Step by Step:

Wrinkle remover homemade recipe:

Papaya, Blender ,1 tbsp. milk and moisturizer

 First Step:

Take a fresh papaya, then wash out and peel with a sharp knife carefully. Now cut it into two halves and remove seeds. Now cut papaya into small pieces, these pieces place into a blender to mash it. Papaya is one of the best natural sources of the crinkle stopping enzyme, that enzyme slows down the aging process, remove the wrinkle from the face and recover the skin flexibility.

Second Step:

Now add the Pure milk and start blender on average speed for one mint. Milk is a source of vitamin A and Hydroxy acid that removes dead cell from your face skin and speeds up the process of collagen protein to fill out your face wrinkle. Vitamin A gives a shiny look on your skin. Now open blender and check the mixture if you find a homogenized mixture that good, otherwise again run grander to make homogenized make mixture.

Third Step:

Now apply this homogenize mixture on your face, neck, nose, and forehead carefully, now start massage gently on your wrinkle side. Leave the mixture on your face for one hours, now wash out your face with fresh water and apply any moisturizer. Repeat this wrinkles removing tips 3 to 4 time in a week. Within a week your line becomes start to fade.


Use Apple to Remove Wrinkle:

If papaya is not available, you can use apple for this purpose. Apple is also contained many antioxidants that good for skin, they even slow the aging process, but it takes more time as compare papaya. You should repeat the same process for a month and get a result like a papaya.

Prevention Measure to Stop Wrinkle:


Sun is a source of energy, its normal rays good for bones but high temperature directly effect on our skin. So, don’t go outside during high temperature or use sunglass, cape or other thing to cover yourself from direct sun rays.


Use any toner or moisturizer to keep your skin wet. Dryness will crack on your skin.


Water play vital role to maintain our body temperature. Drink water more and more in a day. That maintain your body temperature and prevent dryness.

Green Apple
Green Apple


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